Galentine’s Day? Ok!

I don’t recall knowing Galentine’s Day was a “thing” until this year. I wasn’t able to see my “Gal’s” today, but something is in the works very soon! I sat down and thought about how important those relationships are.

I’m so fortunate to have had such a wonderful group of girls in my life. First of all, I have two sisters, a mom, grandmothers, aunts and cousins that I have been SO lucky to have been so close to. I’m talking strong, independent, courageous, classy, loving, caring women.

Then I had my grade school crew. The kind of friends who go to dance, softball, girl scouts with you. The ones who you team up with to talk your parents into sleepover after sleepover after sleepover.

There was a short period where I moved schools and didn’t have the tight-knit group of friends that I had left behind. That sucked, but fortunately, we moved again and I found myself in Junior High and High School with another wonderful group of friends. The kind you really grew up with. The kind that stick with you through the glasses and braces and puberty and poor fashion choices and haircuts.

Then there are your college girlfriends and they are another level of friends. The ones you learn how to be an adult with. The ones that hold back your hair when you’re puking after a long night and a strong batch of trash can punch. The ones who scrape together change with you for pizza because you’re broke as hell.

I had another short period of no close-knit girlfriends after I graduated college and just got married. It was such an overwhelming stage of life to be in a new town, have a job, a new home and a husband.

And then holy moly, I had twins and started staying at home with the babies. It was during this time that I really learned how important these relationships were! I reconnected with old friends who were going through the same stage of life with me and it was beyond helpful! I met so many new friends through twins groups and man, they were a life saver! Even though we were still broke with babies, I needed that mom that would meet me at the park or the zoo or just our living room for an afternoon to get me through the day.

Here’s the funny thing. We left behind all of those great friendships we had formed and moved to Texas to be close to family. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m glad we did it and I enjoyed every single minute spent with family being that close, but we were missing our day-to-day friendships. What I found hard about living in Texas was that everyone worked! We met great friends and had family around, but from Mon-Fri 9-5, they were at work. And I was at home with 3 kids. I desperately missed those play dates, zoo trips and pool parties. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that other mom’s worked. I admired them so much and sometimes wished that was me, but for our family, it wasn’t feasible or realistic for me to go back to work full time. (Also, I was able to contribute financially through my photography business, which still left me at home during the week) We knew we needed to get back to where our crew was. Where our daily support system was.

Now let me introduce you to a few of those “Gals”…


Those friends that you say, “Hey, let’s go to California” and they say “OK!”. The friends who listen to you talk about your kid with diarrhea or your husband that works too much. The friend who goes with you to window shop because you both know you’ve spent too much money at Target already that month. Just because you want out of the house. The kind that go to concerts with you and see movies about Bad Moms. The kind that will take a shot of Fireball with you at 1:00 in the afternoon while half of your kids are at school and the other half are upstairs in the playroom watching Mickey Mouse.


While all those “Gals” from elementary school through college are still your jam and you can count on them to never post pictures of you to social media from the “awkward years” and they’ll always be ever-present, it’s those day-to-day relationships that get you by when you just need someone to talk to besides a toddler. Don’t take them for granted, because I sure did before we moved. I’ll never do that again. Looking back on it now, the most isolated I’ve ever felt was when I didn’t have those in-person daily/weekly relationships in tact. So do me a favor, if you don’t have girlfriends in your life that you can talk to and meet up with IN PERSON on a regular basis, make an effort to find them. Go to church and find them. Go to a mom’s group and find them. Go to workout classes and find them. They’re there, you just have to be proactive about finding them. And if you’re in the Nashville area, hit me up. Here’s what I tell my kids, if someone asks to hang out with you the answer is always yes. You don’t have to be best friends with them, but you ALWAYS have to be kind and hospitable. You can give them enough courage to meet more people and find their crew, even if it doesn’t end up to be with you, although they’re always welcome to join. It’s really hard for me too, but be the girl that speaks to the quiet mom. She’s not stuck up, she’s shy. Let’s let Galentine’s Day be everyday!

Layering Looks

Did you see my post yesterday about a fun, comfy look from Free People? Today, I’m showing you how to take that look and add to it to make a completely different look. I love taking staple pieces and wearing them in several different ways.


All I did was tie the Free People shirt in a knot in front, add this blush vest from The Rollin’ J and switch out my shoes to these super fun Matisse booties. Easy way to repurpose simple pieces into several other outfits.


Don’t forget that this Free People shirt is on sale at Nordstrom and Macy’s and is also an EXTRA 20% off with code LOVE at Macy’s. Sizes are going quick, so act fast! Oh, and size down!

As soon as I saw this blush vest from The Rollin’ J, I added to cart and pulled the trigger quick. I have so many outfit ideas with this vest for the spring/summer! It fits true to size. Unfortunately, it’s sold out in this blush color, but you can find it in this taupe color that is so versatile! I’ll be on the lookout for a restock for you in blush though.


These Rustic Cuff bracelets are a staple in my wardrobe. They go with everything and are such an easy way to accessorize. My mother has a slight obsession with them and I’m scared to know how big her collection is. And good news, the wrap bracelet is on major sale right now!


*Shoes are Matisse Nugent in Dalmation from last year. I can’t find them in stock anymore in that print, but you can still get them in leopard.

What are your favorite staple pieces that you work into your weekly rotation of outfits? Please share!

Free People Favorite

**UPDATE :: Use code LOVE for an extra 20% off at Macy’s!!!

Hi friends! I have been trying my best to be active on my blog and Instagram the past few weeks. I’ve been seeing so many cute trends this winter and more for this spring too! I have been noticing this Free People shirt/bralette combo a lot lately, so I thought I’d give it a shot.


The Laguna Thermal is so soft and flowy. The sleeves are long, with thumb holes, but you could easily do like me and just scrunch them up if you like to wear jewelry or a watch. πŸ™‚ It’s perfect to throw on with jeans and long enough for leggings too!

It’s so super cozy! I could wear it every day. You know what the best part is?? I could totally pig out on pizza and Coke for days straight and you’d never see my food baby! πŸ˜‰ For real though, comfort is key on a day-to-day basis and this shirt is 100% comfortable.


It is on sale at Nordstrom right now in grey, sand, black and white.

Also on sale at Macy’s in cocoa, grey, moss, sand, sky, turquoise and white.

There are more colors available at Free People too.

*SIZING NOTE: It runs big, size down one size. I’m a true Medium and I ordered a Small. Fits perfectly.


The bralette is also from Free People. It comes in Lemon, Lipstick, Periwinkle, Maroon, Black, Ballet, Emerald, White and Copper. It is so pretty and delicate. The perfect little peek-a-boo under an off-the-shoulder top.

You can also find several colors at Nordstrom too – and it’s always free shipping.


*SIZING NOTE – Order the same size as you would a sports bra. I’m a size Medium shirt, but I wear sports bras in a Large. After reading reviews, I ordered the Large in this bralette and it fits perfect.


I carry this Anthropologie crossbody all the time. I realize that velvet is a fall/winter trend, but I’m just going to continue carrying it through spring. I do what I want. πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately it is not in stock anymore, but I found a great dupe for you that’s perfect for spring/summer!

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 9.57.16 PM

My shoes are also out of stock, but here’s a great dupe for you too and super affordable.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.04.10 PM

I have so many new spring items to show you over the next couple of weeks. I also have a packing list for our trip to the cabin this weekend! Hope y’all have a great week and as always, let me know if there’s anything you want me to test out for you!



Old Navy February Try-On

I had a chance to pop in Old Navy today and do a quick try-on session for y’all! Their store is full of lots of blush, navy, yellow, stripes, graphic tees and lace-up sweaters. There were so many cute options, I didn’t have enough time to try on everything I wanted to.

Here’s the lowdown on some extra discounts. If you have Super Cash ($10 off a purchase of $25 or more), it expires 2/11. If you don’t have Super Cash, there’s a coupon code, SWEET, for 20% off your purchase online.

I started out with this precious active outfit. The pants are navy moto and the sweatshirt is blush with a lattice back. The sports bra is blue and blush too and the straps add such dimension to the sweatshirt lattice.


Let’s pretend the mirror isn’t ridiculously filthy. I need to start bringing Windex with me….

The camo pants are so super cute. Throw on a pair of tennis shoes and really ANY shirt and you’ve got an easy, go-to outfit! The top was super comfy too. Everything fit true to size.


I really loved this blush utility jacket. It’s a Small because they didn’t have a Medium. I really could have used a Medium, especially over that thick sweater.


This dress was sooooo cute. Like, I have absolutely nowhere to wear this, but I might buy it anyway. Throw on wedges and head to work. Put on flats and go to brunch. Leopard flats. Oooohhh! Spice it up! Fits true to size.


There’s Jack Bennett again! This t-shirt dress is super comfy. A little plain on it’s own, but throw on a jean jacket with sandals or a shirt tied around your waist with tennis shoes. Easy to layer and add dimension to this staple of a dress.


So I’m a sucker for a Palm Springs t-shirt. This one went home with me. I’m wearing a Medium here, but I ended up buying a Large for a looser fit. I’m wearing it here over that striped dress above. With a larger size, I can knot the tee.


While we are on the topic of Palm Springs……yep, this sweatshirt for the win! Sign me up! Wearing the Medium. Size up for a looser fit.


“So On Point”. This would be super cute with black jeans and a jean jacket!Β OldNavyFeb8-11

Nothing but good vibes with this guy! Both shirt and jeans fit true to size. And he’s the king of mismatched socks. Actually, come to think of it….all 3 of my boys are. Hmmm….


Head over to Old Navy and spend that Super Cash!!!!

Sale Alert :: Patagonia

I have been eying Patagonia jackets and vests all winter and just haven’t splurged on anything else. Let me give you the lowdown on some sale items that are going on. Now is the time to stock up! Plus, you’ll still get some wear out of it for the next month or more. Spring evenings can get cool almost everywhere.

*Links are to general item, select appropriate color to see sale price. Check sizing notes.

The Better Sweater 3/4 Zip is 30% off in Elwha Blue and Hemlock Green. It is available in Elwha Blue in XXS, XS, S and M and Hemlock Green in every size except Large.Β Β *Reviews state that it runs slightly small, so order up a size.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 7.34.33 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-07 at 7.31.52 PM

The Full Zip Better Sweater is also 30% off in Raw Linen and Hemlock Green. Reviews say it runs true to size. The Raw Linen is available in L and XL. Hemlock Green is available in all sizes.

You can get the Lightweight Better Sweater Marsupial Pullover in Elwha Blue for 30% off. It fits true to size and comes in all sizes except XL.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.14.51 PM

The Classic Synch Marsupial Pullover in Birch White is 25% off which makes it a REALLY great price.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.20.45 PM

The Better Sweater Fleece Vest is 30% off in Magenta and Hemlock Green and 25% off in Pelican. Available sizes: Magenta – XXS and M, Hemlock Green – all sizes, Pelican – all sizes except XL.

This Los Gatos Vest is so fun! I love it! It’s 30% off in Bear Brown, Industrial Green, Roots Red and 25% off in Smoulder Blue. Available sizes: Bear Brown – S, M. Industrial Green – All sizes except XL. Roots Red – all sizes. Smoulder Blue – all sizes except XL.


All colors of the Re-Tool Vest are 30% off. Available sizes: Tailored Grey – XS, M, L. Black – XS, M, XL. Feather Grey – XS, S, XL. Navy Blue – M, L, XL. Raw Linen – all sizes.

The Hooded Los Gatos Vest is a fav of mine! All colors are on sale for 30% off. Available sizes: El Cap Khaki – all sizes. Birch White – All sizes except XL. Forge Grey – XS, S, M. Industrial Green – XS, S, L.

This Retro Pile Vest is super cute. I especially like the Roots Red! All are 30% off! Available sizes: Industrial Green – XS, XL. Pelican – XXS, XL. Roots Red – All sizes except XL.

There are great sales on Men’s and Children’s styles too! Check it out!

Target :: Universal Thread Try-On

I showed y’all a few of my favorite pieces from Target’s new line, Universal Thread, earlier this week. I made it to try on several pieces today!

Let me just tell you that it wasn’t easy. It was a process. I was in Target for 2.5 hours!!! Granted, the first hour was cruising the aisles with one of my besties and her daughter. We always have a good time, whether we’re off in Palm Springs or a random shopping date down the road.

Let me add in that I had my 3 year old with me. He was such a champ! A bag of popcorn and an Icee and he was entertained for 80% of the time. πŸ™‚

I just love all of the denim and muted colors that Universal Thread offers. Not to mention the bags, shoes and jewelry too! It was SO hard to rein in my spending and not take everything home with me. Head over to my Instagram page to see the videos in my Stories! πŸ™‚

As far as fittings go, almost everything fits true to size. Here’s the lowdown on the things I tried on:

I just loved the color of this sweater! The tie front was precious too! It is cropped, but with a pair of mid or high waisted jeans, it’s totally doable for those that don’t want (or in my case, need) to be showing their midriff. It fits true to size.

I really liked the mid-rise, distressed jeans too. The fit was perfect and they were soft and comfortable.


This top is at the top of my list! The ruffled sleeves add the perfect detail to an otherwise basic shirt. The color mimics denim, but it is a soft tee. Again, it’s cropped, but with the right jeans, no problem!


This green sweatshirt is super comfy and I love the muted color, but I have to say, it’s a little plain. It fits true to size, but I just wish it had more detail or something unique about it.


I spy Jack Bennett! πŸ˜‰ I really, really wanted to love this mustard eyelet top. Here’s the deal. I sized up because it looked pretty short. That was a good choice, but I didn’t like how it was not lined. I guess you could add a bandeau underneath and call it good, but it’s not my thing.


This camo shirt isn’t Universal Thread, but I just grabbed it to try on bc I’ve been eying it and it was there. Size up for a looser fit.

The high-waisted jeans weren’t my fav. They were slightly mom jean-ish. I feel like the texture of them made them feel that way. They weren’t very soft. Kind of stiff and not easy to move in.


I added this utility jacket on top and I like the look, but it was a little boxy. I actually like it more now looking back at it. Super cute with the camo shirt underneath.


This collared shirt was super fun! Thin and lightweight with the pink pinstripe. You could wear it tied up or untie it and button it. Super cute for spring. Fits true to size.

I really liked these jeans! They have a button up fly and a raw hem. They didn’t have the size I needed, so I’m wearing a size down. Definitely needed my regular size. I would have taken them home today if they had them.


Once again, they didn’t have my size in the blush jeans, so excuse the tightness. I probably should have sized up for show, lessons learned. Like the others, this one had a raw hem and it’s my favorite! I want everything blush right now!

This shirt was one of my favorite things I tried on. The texture was wonderful. The cut was fun. Love, love, love it. Fits true to size.


I really liked this soft t-shirt dress that would go with so many things! Dress up with sandals or dress down with tennis shoes.

The blush sweater was cute too, but not super soft. Looking back on this outfit, it makes me look 20 pounds heavy. No thanks!


How about this cute kid, his mismatched socks and his popcorn on the floor? ha! This brandΒ is new and every item is super, buttery soft. I wish everything they made came in my size too. I love this outfit, but it runs SUPER BIG. Jack is a solid 4T and this is way too big. Jack is pretty tall, so the length of the pants fit, but he’s drowning in the top.


He was such a trooper today! Look forward to more kid styles coming too!