Little Hippie

I was strolling through Target last week when I stumbled upon this shirt in the girls’ department. My first thought was….”Do they make this in my size?!”. Then I thought “It’s too bad I don’t have a little girl to buy this for…maybe I’ll just buy it just in case I have one.”. Then I snapped back to reality and the fact that I’ve got my hands full with 3 little boys. The next person that came to mind was little Sunny!

We were in Nashville last week and we always make sure we make time to see our college friends when we’re there. Sunny’s dad and my husband were roommates at Belmont University…oh the stories I’ve heard. We have THE BEST time every time we’re with them. My boys love playing with Sunny and her big brother!

We were at Sunny’s house hanging out and I mentioned to Sunny that I had a special present for her if she’d help me model. She didn’t hesitate…she was IN! She has the sweetest smile, laugh and hippie spirit! I just love her!

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