Palm Springs Trip :: A Full Fashion Weekend!

I like any excuse to go on a trip. This time it was for my husband’s 35th birthday and the birthday of his best friend! Five years ago, we were all a lot more broke with a lot less kids and we could only swing a long weekend in Gatlinburg, a short drive away from Nashville. This time, we splurged a bit and all flew to LA, rented cars and drove over to Palm Springs. We seriously had THE BEST time!

The first thing we did when we landed at LAX was to go straight to Venice Beach! I love the desert, but if you’re that close to the beach, you’ve gotta go! We had the best brunch at Eggslut. Yes, that’s right and it was DELICIOUS! We stayed too long wandering around and ended up with parking tickets. Now we know that the meters actually work.


The home we rented (from Acme House Co) was amazing! It was immaculately clean, the decor was top notch and the heated pool and hot tub were a nice treat for January! You can check out the inside here!


The neighborhood was the cutest! We went on walks and dreamed about buying a vacation home for us all to share. Check out those views!


We were all pretty much unprepared for the cold weather and high winds when we got to the top of the mountain at Pioneertown. It is the cutest little town built as a movie set in the 1940’s. We ate a delicious lunch at Pappy and Harriet’s.


The outfit below was one of my favorites.


“Mama Tried” shirt: Hey Wanderer

Aztec Sweater: Past season Forever 21

Squash Blossom: vintage

Belt: Forever 21

Jeans: Flying Monkey. I purchased mine at Groovy’s in Rockwall, TX on clearance, but you can find them at Macy’s.

Shoes: Matisse Zayne in gray from Boot Barn

“Slept in a room with the ghost of Gram Parsons” -Kacy Musgraves. Ok, so we weren’t brave enough to book Room 8 at Joshua Tree Inn, but we certainly visited the Gram Parsons memorial. If you’re an enthusiast of 70’s country music, you know who he is. He’s notoriously famous for wearing a marijuana Nudie suit on the Grand Ole Opry. He later overdosed at Joshua Tree Inn and then his friend ended up stealing his body from LAX (where it was being prepared to be shipped to the family in Louisiana) and taking him to Joshua Tree National Park and set fire to him to set his spirit free. Check out Grand Theft Parsons starring Johnny Knoxville. Pretty cool movie!


Day 1 of exploring Joshua Tree National Park. It was so windy there!

palm-springs-12 palm-springs-13

We had a wardrobe change in the car and all put on fun florals from Hazel and Olive! I love how these photos turned out! (P.S. Aren’t my frands pretty?!)

palm-springs-6 palm-springs-5

The next day we explored Moorten Botanical Garden and fell in love!


We had impromptu photo shoots around every corner! ha!

Vest: Hazel and Olive

Black Velvet Bell Bottoms: Hippie and Haggard

Booties: Matisse


palm-springs-15   palm-springs-16


We wrapped up our trip with another trip out to Joshua Tree National Park. Let me tell you, the minute we booked this trip, I bought this dress from Hazel and Olive. I just knew the bold wine color would pop perfectly with the golden sunset and the sandy desert. It fulfilled my expectations entirely!



We truly had such an amazing experience the entire weekend. Before we even left we were checking our calendars for a return trip this fall! Acme House Co, we’re coming for you again in October!

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