Go With The Flow Maxi

I went into Hazel and Olive a couple weeks ago looking for a few certain items and to pick up these dusty rose booties that I had ordered online. They sell out of merchandise so quickly and unfortunately they were out of stock of the items I was looking for. Miss Emily suggested that I try on this maxi dress and I have to tell you, I was very leery. I typically play it safe with solid colors and this is everything but that! ha!

I tried on the dress really quickly and then decided that I’d throw on the booties I’d already purchased just for fun. Turns out, I looooove the combo! Emily tied the dress in a knot on the side so it would show off the boots even more.

Guys, before I could even get pictures taken, this dress was out of stock! I’ve been keeping my eye on their website waiting for it to be back in stock, but it’s still not. However, there are a few other prints and some solids available too! Go check it out and see if anything speaks to you! 😉 I just know that I love this dress because it’s cute AND comfy. It’s like I’m running around in a nightgown. A really cute one!

2017-02-28_0001 2017-02-28_0002

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