Casual Valentine’s outfit

We’re not huge celebrators of Valentine’s Day around here. I’d rather go out with my husband on a night that I don’t have to wait an hour for a table. I’m just as happy with a homemade card and a slap on the tail end in passing. Ok, and maybe a bag of peanut butter M&M’s. The family size.

However, I do like to decorate a little around the house and have something cute to wear to the school parties. This outfit is perfect for a low-key Valentine’s shindig. (Do you see a trend in my posts? I don’t venture out to too many fancy places these days! ha!)


I just paired the simple boyfriend long sleeve shirt from Old Navy with black leggings. Then I added this super soft long cardigan from Hazel and Olive. I went up a size, to a large, to make sure it was long enough to cover my rear end in those leggings (insert wide eyed emoji). Once again, I thew on the over-the-knee boots.


One of my new favorite new trends is the choker necklace. Super cute with a western flair!

Also, check out my lipstick above. This picture was taken at 5:00pm and I put on that lipstick at 9:00am. It’s Caramel Apple Lipsense with Bougainvillea gloss. My sweet friend, Britney, sells it and can ship it to you! It’s the best! Shoot me a message on Facebook and I can get you added to her group.

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