Kid Style : Welcome to the Dark Side

My oldest boys are obsessed with Star Wars right now, so that means baby brother is too. On the big boys’ first day back to school after Christmas break, we decided to borrow their toys and go take pictures!

Jack is my style baby. At almost 3, he still lets me control his wardrobe and I take full advantage of it. His style is so different from the twins’. He can rock the hipster look well!

I had good intentions of linking to his clothing items, but I guess the Christmas season really wiped everyone out of stock, I can’t find these items anymore! The Darth Vader shirt was from Target, the biker joggers are from H&M (I did see some light purple ones for babies) and his Carhartt beanie is from Amazon. Maybe next time before I’ll check the stock of his clothing items BEFORE I take pictures of him! 😉 But we had fun anyway!

2017-01-04_0001    2017-01-04_0005   2017-01-04_0002 2017-01-04_0003

Here comes the Dark Side!!!!


2017-01-04_0006 2017-01-04_0007 2017-01-04_0008

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