Squash Blossom, Rustic Cuff and More!

I feel like I hit the jackpot last week in Tulsa! I saw on the news that the boutique, Stash, was running 40% off their entire store all day, so I jumped on the chance to check out a new boutique! I went to their location at 99th and Riverside first. It’s a brand new location and their stock was limited, but I did find a couple of cute shirts for my boys. They have the cutest kid clothes and gifts! They told me they had 2-3 times more inventory at the Peoria location, so I loaded up my crew of little Henderson boys and my best friend, Lindsey, and we made the trek to Brookside.

There were so many cute clothes, but my favorite find was this pair of black super-flare jeans! I love a flare jean. This brand is Flying Monkey, same brand as my jeans in my last blog post. They were on the sale rack and they were a steal! Like the best deal I’ve ever gotten on anything, ever. I did find them on sale at Lord and Taylor if you want to order online. They fit pretty true to size.


The shirt is just a simple Boyfriend shirt from Old Navy. You won’t find me in anything form fitted in the mid section (thanks to a set of twins and their chunky little brother), so a boyfriend fit is perfect for me.

The bag is a clearance find at American Eagle. I tend to stick to solid colors (although I’m working on broadening my horizons), so this bag with southwest pattern is perfect to add dimension to my look.


My sisters and I took my mom to NYC last Christmas and what was my big purchase? A pair of Frye cowboy booties. You can take the girl out of Texas….you know the rest. I had a pair of red cowboy boots as a little girl and decided that I was due for a new pair. And I’ve ALWAYS wanted Frye boots! Swoon….


I’ve spent about two years obsessing over Squash Blossoms. So far I only have this one, found at a flea market in Kansas by my mother, but I’m hoping to expand my collection soon! 🙂 I incorporate it into so many outfits, it’s my go-to jewelry.


All my Oklahoma girls know what this is. My Rustic Cuff obsessed mother bought these for me. At the top is a brown suede buckle cuff followed by “Boymom”,  “You Are My Sunshine”, “My Only Sunshine” and an “H” cuff (for Henderson). I sing “You are My Sunshine” to my littlest boy every time he goes down for a nap or bedtime. It’s our thing. This is my go-to RC stack. Sometimes I even throw my Michael Kors watch on top.

You’ll notice I’m mixing gold and silver, black and brown. This is something that a teenage Valerie would flip out over. I’ve learned to let go and explore new combinations. It works, y’all!

Thanks to my 6 year old twins, Knox and Ryder for being my photographers today! I’m sad for them to go back to school tomorrow!! I just picked up two bags full of goodies from one of my favorite local Texas boutiques, can’t wait to share when my photographers are ready to help again! 😉

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