The Graduation Dress

Graduation season has just wrapped up! We had a couple to attend, including our own little twin Kindergartener’s ceremony. 🙂 We have had a full spring and I never got time by myself to peruse boutiques looking for the right dress. It’s really hard to navigate cute little boutiques full of clothes and breakable trinkets with a hurricane of a toddler like “Rowdy” Jack. I settled on a dress from my closet that was barely worn, if ever. I felt good about myself and even bragged to my husband about shopping in my own closet. Then I went to Target….


Armed with a toddler, a bag of popcorn and a cherry Icee (mom’s, you know exactly what I mean), I scanned the clothing section as I strolled by to pick up Pull Ups and only Pull Ups (yeah right). I spotted this dress and got really excited. The first time I saw it was in Tulsa with my best friend. We were killing time in Target and both loved this dress. They didn’t have my size, but I insisted Lindsey get it. She’s an XS and we all know the cute stuff goes fast in Small and Medium at Target. (Yes, I’m still friends with her even though she’s an XS and we can’t share clothes.)

The second time I stumbled across this dress, they still didn’t have my size, but I decided to try on the Large anyway. Because I loved it and because I had TWO graduations coming up and could kill two birds with one dress. I am a pretty true medium and this dress fits pretty true to size. The large was a bit low under the arms and a bit long, but I bought it anyway. I had lots of compliments on it! Can’t wait to find another occasion to wear it to this summer!

On to the graduations. Our little boys graduated Kindergarten!!! Just look at how sweet they are!


Jack is in this stage where he has to be in every picture. It took all I had to get pictures without him in it. He knows he’s cute.


I mean, the caps and gowns with cowboy boots sticking out the bottom. I can’t even…

Graduation-Dress-13 Graduation-Dress-14 Graduation-Dress-15 Graduation-Dress-16

A big thanks to my dad for driving all the way in from Oklahoma! He’s crazy busy getting ready for G Fest and took the time to come see these boys! We’re grateful!


I got up at 5:00am to pick up these donuts for the boys. There aren’t many people I’d get up at 5:00am for. (That “G” in Graduation is a little sketchy.)


A few days later was Summer’s graduation! Summer is my husband’s cousin’s daughter (Still with me??). We are so blessed to get to be so close to their family. The main reason we moved to Texas was to be closer to family and we have enjoyed every minute of our time spent with Kelly’s cousins!

Isn’t Summer gorgeous?


My kids LOVE Summer and her sisters!!


Did you know these pictures were taken right outside Pappas Burgers?? Ha! We lucked out with some good light and pretty landscaping!


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